Paul Henry: Paintings, Drawings, and Illustrations, by Dr. S.B. Kennedy



Paul Henry (1876-1958) is considered Ireland’s greatest twentieth-century landscape painter. Trained in fin de siècle Paris under Whistler, he also absorbed the influences of Post-Impressionism, which linger throughout his work. Henry depicted Ireland, and in particular, the west and Achill Island; he captured the light of sun and cloud on the unique landscape of this corner of Europe with impartial yet knowing eye. His work is iconic – like Constable or Cezanne he captures the soul of a region and a way of life on canvas.  Kennedy provides a full account of Henry’s life and career, and includes an illustrated catalogue of his oeuvre in this comprehensive book. While many of Henry’s paintings are well known, his drawings and early illustrations are less so, and they provide an intriguing insight not only into the artist’s way of working but to his lifestyle and personal circumstances. For someone lost in the world of art, and more comfortable in the field of history, Henry’s work provides an insight into our past, and Kennedy illuminates the history of this fascinating man.

Available in Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop for €40

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  1. I am interested in any information you can give me on a painting i have by Paul Henry Called Wind In The West.

    • Hello Heather,
      Sorry about the delay in responding, I am afraid I am of little use to you. The painting is part of the S.B. Kennedy catalogue, and a photo is shown in the book. I had a quick search to see if any information about dating, price etc was available with little success. What exactly do you wish to know about it? Is it an original? I will investigate further in an event.


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